Sold – subject to contract


by Foster, EMJ

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by Foster, EMJ / Fiction
Published 30 June 2021 by Cowry Publishing
Paperback 191 pages

Author EMJ Foster was just 20 years old when she moved to the UK from The Netherlands in 1975. Since then she has raised a family and made her life in west Wales.
Her first novel Home? published in 2019, tells the story of the Brexit referendum through the eyes of a Belgian woman married to a farmer and living in west Wales.
Both Home? and Sold – subject to contract draw deeply on her own experiences and feature strong independently minded female characters facing real life challenges.

‘EMJ Foster’s book takes you through the trials and tribulations of the housing market. We see the whole range of emotions experienced and the different viewpoints involved. The emotional attachments to the buildings that host us for our lives. The angst of leaving it all behind, contrasting with the hope for the new. Most importantly, it clearly shows the stresses and strains of moving house and what a difference the support of family can make.’ Geraint Roberts
‘This novel conveys the hopes and heartaches of so many people living in the UK. The near impossibility of owning a home in one’s area of upbringing is an individual tragedy all too often overlooked, but the frustrations – particularly of the younger generations – are given full voice and the reader is  compelled to consider the broader social and cultural impact that the broken housing market has on communities, and a deeper question of what really represents ‘value’ in life.’ Ben Lake, MP
‘Probably EMJ Foster’s best book to date. Wise, humane, brimming with sprightly, clear-eyed and droll insights into people and their highly intricate emotions and motivations.’  Patrick O’Brien
‘Once again EMJ Foster delves into the deep emotions of a contemporary real life situation. For those of us fortunate to have bought and sold homes, this novel brings the experience alive, with brilliant, feasible characterisation. You share the gloom and despair, but finally a happy resolution. My wife and I are too young to downsize, but when we do, I just hope for a similar ending.’ Mark Williams



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